Congraturation To MLM leaders

MLM is the industry of networking,hence lot of tools are lauched till now, but no tools are perfect for a MLM leader. PROMOMAGIC.IN,comes with the moto of providing a strong tool to a MLM leader for promotion of their business.It will help them to make their team,send the plan to their team at just one click,know their team structure with their contact details,check current status of each member and many more.
      PROMOMAGIC.IN not only help MLM leader to arrange their team but it also help them to earn money from each team members.When their teams use promotion tool of PROMOMAGIC.IN and other MLM SITES leader get direct commission in their account.

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What You Can Do With PROMOMAGIC.IN

PROMOMAGIC.IN is a multi-functional Web Portal,You Can use it for promotion,manage your team as well as earn money without investing a Single PAI.
For Promotion: There are There Type of Promotion 1. Live Promo 2. Fixed Banner 3. Classified Live Promo are the real time Advertise shown in LIVE PROMO menu,they are strong multimedia and highly customize promotion tool.Any member can like/unlike your live promo,Put their Comment & you may know who like/unlike,what comment and who comment they put their. Fixed BannerThis is strong promotional tool used now-a-days.They are Fixed Banner,which is placed Left and Right side of Web pages.When visitor Click on the banner,He will be transfered to the shown web page. Classified Classified are good promotion tool for those visitor who want to see their desired catogory.You Place your Desired Adv to selected Catagory and help vistor to find your adv easily For Management Team: You may use PROMOMAGIC.IN to 1.Make Team 2.See Downline 3.Send Message to your team 4.Send Message to Member Make Team Instist your friend and your circle to join PROMOMAGIC.IN with your sponsership,now they are in your team.PROMOMAGIC.IN is mainly designed to make team & communicate your team in efficient manner See DownlineJust one click will tell you about your total down line as well as their details,with name,address,contact details etc. you may not only see details of your downline whereas you may also see the downline details of your each and individual member. Hence PROMOMAGIC.IN provide you power to manage your team very well Send Message to your individual/TeamJust One Click is enough to send your desired message to your each & individual team member.Hence you may communicate & motivate your team member vary easily.The same way you may send message to any member very easily by using same pertern For Making Money Without Investing: Yes,it is truth,because PROMOMAGIC.IN has very solid principle to make money without investment,What you have to do only,just see any ads i.e. live ads,banner ads or classfied ads, you will get points, just collect these point, convert these point in coin and sell this coin in open market at your own price,The market of PROMOMAGIC.IN is very big,you will probality get some buyer who will be ready to buy your coin.You may also get a list buyers who are interest to purchase coin,just call them, bargen them & sell your coin. simple.............
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Rate of Using Promo-live

*Note: COIN to POINT CONVERTION (One Coin=50 Points) POINT TO COIN CONVERSTION (One Coin=60 Points)



PROMOMAGIC.IN has strongest COIN COMMISSION PLAN, It will give you good return of your work.


When a sale your coin to the desired buyer,buyer will pay you the amount of coin decided by is your sale income


you will get 20% cash commission, whenever your direct downline purchase coin from system i.e. if your downline purchase coin of 10,000Rs then you will get 2000Rs.


you will get 20% cash commission of monthly income of every direct downline.Ex. suppose your direct downline earn 10,000 at this month then he has to give you 2000Rs for this month.


Whenever your "Senior Commission" request is pending i.e. when you delay to pay the monthly commission to your upline,Your all direct commission will by pass you and your upline & reaches to those upline which properly pay the monthly commission to their upline. if system found no upline then, system will randomly select any member from member list who properly pay their monthly commission. It is totally "LUCK COMMISSION" which is move only when you will not pay your "SENIOR COMMISSION" on time.HOPE YOU WILL BE THAT LUCK ONE..........


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